The right temperature, one click away

Thermoplug is the most simple and affordable internet thermostat.

Our goal is indeed to offer to the user the ability to control in a few clicks its home temperature and to create scheduled modes easily. The installation can be done by yourself or by a professional, you just need to order it and we’ll contact you for the details.

Have a better look at the App and the product to have a better idea of our subscription-free thermostat.


Follow and manage

Thermoplug allows you to follow your temperature wherever and whenever you want.

Watch and adjust directly your home temperature.

Avoid energy expenses when you’re out of home and you forget to turn off your thermostat.



Build a temperature schedule on a classic thermostat can be quite difficult. We solved this problem with a simple and fast interface.

Thermoplug has a system similar to a calendar. Its cleverness allows you to build a full week schedule in ten clicks!

Just take 5 minutes and you will have a perfect-fit schedule, especially if you have a very variable schedule.

Compatible with 90% of the systems

Thermoplug is plugged like a classic thermostat. 90% of the boiler can have this kind of thermostat.

A second box is needed and is connected through Ethernet cable to your modem and by USB for power supply. Both boxes communicate with a low data rate wireless system to follow your instructions.

Everything is connected? Sign up on and follow the simple procedure, your thermoplug will be automatically detected.

You already have a nice thermostat but you need the internet functionality? No problem about that, Thermoplug can be connected next to your thermostat and only be activated when you are away.


Test it now!

For sure, we know that Thermoplug is the best solution to control your home temperature remotely.

You want to test the App before purchasing your Thermoplug? Let scan the QR-code here enclosed with your smartphone or go to

You have additional questions? Check our FAQ.

Buy a Thermoplug

Thermoplug are now available as a beta-version. Start as a beta-tester and discover Thermoplug right now.

You already have a Thermoplug for 69 EUR (incl. VAT) without installation or 99 EUR (incl. VAT) with installation.

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